What is StudentNannies.com?
Posted on 18.05.2016

Student Nannies is an online marketplace connecting local students and families to offer a smart solution to term-time and school holiday childcare.

Parents can discover, book and pay Student Nannies on the platform. Students and Parents can create a free profile detailing their availability, or outlining their childcare requirements, and search the site to find a suitable match. Then it’s up to you to contact the person, get to know them, make a match and book them.

We take great care to ensure that our Student Nannies are superb – babysitting experience, background checked, ID checked and interviewed.

Students set their own rates. When a parent makes a booking for a job they are entering into a contract with that Student Nanny to hire them for the job and pay them the hourly rate they display in their profile. Once the job is complete the parent or Student Nanny can end the sit, confirm the amount, add any extras and pay through the platform. No need to make a cash dash!

There are now two types of membership at Student Nannies.

You can Pay As You Go, with a small platform charge every time you book a Student Nanny which helps us to continue to provide you with a seamless childcare experience, or opt for Monthly Membrship which costs £12.50/month and includes all fees for all bookings plus a host of other benefits, see How It Works page for details.

Remember, only Student Nannies booked and paid through the platform are insured, ID checked, background checked and interviewed.

*Student Nannies does not employ students and is independent of all its members’ businesses and although they registered with us and have agreed to abide by our Rights Rules & Responsibilities document  we are not a policing organisation and do not accept any liability for them. Your contract is with your chosen Student Nanny and therefore you should make your own reference checks and rely on your own judgment as to their credibility