The working parent’s saviour – the picnic tea!

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It’s nearly the end of the week, the fridge is running low and you have zero time (or inclination) for a trolley dash. So what do you – or your Student Nanny – make for dinner?
Thrilled to help you celebrate the #parentpause and let you in on the secret of the ‘picnic tea’ also known as the ‘pick your own’.
In other words, take everything out of the fridge and assemble it all together on the table! We are thinking olives, a few slices of cheese, some ham, possibly even a Pepperami, cherry tomatoes halved, slices of cucumber, that half eaten bowl of pasta pesto you saved, Hummous, pitta breads, bread sticks, or toast cut into strips for dipping. Yoghurts, fruit…
Let’s face it, if we called it left overs they wouldn’t touch it, but who doesn’t love a picnic?!
We’d love to hear what would go in your picnic tea?