The covid test debacle hits home for our brand director Kim… and short notice tutoring saves the day!

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Hi, I’m Kim, brand director at Student Nannies and I thought I’d share my experience of the past few days…

Only one week into much anticipated and long awaited new term and Charlie (that’s him above!), has already had to take sick leave for 3 days! It appears to be a familiar story up and down the country.

Children who haven’t been able to mingle or socialise in recent months are now in a ‘New Normal’ back to school, doing activities, having fun together and very generously sharing their coughs and colds!

Normally this would be nothing more than a minor inconvenience – but in the current circumstances its becoming more complicated, taking time off school to get the Covid test and then isolating while waiting for the results. To be honest it’s something we could all do without.

Luckily for Charlie his amazing University Study Buddy Kate had already settled into her new student digs when this happened and so was available online at super short notice to give him a quick blast in Maths and English to ensure he kept up to date.

With this in mind we’d like to gently remind parents that we have a newly refreshed army of inspirational young students who can provide very affordable catch-up up tutoring at super short notice. Email us at and we can find the perfect Study Buddy match for next day tutoring, 11+ or GCSE support. We would be delighted to help. Costs from £12 /hr. More info here