Rights, Rules & Responsibilties for parents

Rights, Rules & Responsibilties for parents

At Student Nannies our mission is to make life easier for parents and students. We know they are a dream team as they are both perfectly placed to help each other. So we hope and expect that our parent and student members will treat each other with the respect and kindness that reflects our mission, values and principles.

It’s just basic common sense and being a good human, right?!

But just in case you need any pointers please read and adhere to our Three Rs (Student Nannies’ Rights Rules & Responsibilities) below.

Tracey, CEO and founde

I will treat my Student Nanny/Nannies with respect, kindness and professionalism

I will always endeavour to communicate my childcare needs clearly to my Student Nanny, laying down guidelines for screen time, after-school activities etc. 

I will be punctual and will, wherever possible, arrive home when I said I would. If I am running late I will communicate this to my Student Nanny as soon as I can.

I will not pay Student Nannies cash in hand – all bookings and payments must be made through the platform. I will report any Student Nannies who ask for cash in hand, as this voids their insurance.

I will do everything I can to make my Student Nanny feel comfortable and at home in my home so they can be relaxed and focus on the children.

I will reimburse my Student Nanny for any additional costs they incur while looking after my children – cash for ice-creams, drinks or cinema tickets can easily be added to the invoice.

If I need to cancel my booking with a Student Nanny I will endeavour to give 48 hours notice.

If my Student Nanny asks me to, I will endeavour to share my contacts, connections and professional expertise to help them get started with their careers. The fact that parents and students are so well placed to help each other is at the heart of what we do at Student Nannies and what makes our community so powerful.

Student Nannies is independent of all its members’ businesses and although they registered with us and have agreed to abide by our Rights, Rules & Responsibilities we are not a policing organisation and do not accept any liability for them. Your contract is with your chosen Student Nanny and therefore you should make your own reference checks and rely on your own judgment as to their credibility.