Rights, Rules & Responsibilities for our Student Nannies

Rights, Rules & Responsibilities for our Student Nannies

At Student Nannies our mission is to make life easier for parents and students. We know they are a dream team as they are both perfectly placed to help each other. So we hope and expect that our parent and student members will treat each other with the respect and kindness that reflects our mission, values and principles.

It’s just basic common sense and being a good human, right?!

But just in case you need any pointers please read and adhere to our Three Rs (Rights Rules & Responsibilities) below.

Tracey, CEO and founder

I will always endeavour to provide a caring, friendly and professional service to the families I work for.

I will provide conscientious care for the children entrusted to me at all times and will place their wellbeing above all other considerations – their welfare, health and safety is paramount.

I will be punctual and will arrive five minutes early – not five minutes late – for school pick up!

I will not cancel at the last minute and let down my family.

I understand that it is my obligation to my clients to follow their childcare instructions to the best of my ability (rules about screen time, home work etc.) and to be 100% reliable.

I will avoid misrepresentation of my services and not promote other services or url links through my Student Nannies profile.

I will not accept cash in hand – all payments must be made through the platform. I will report any parents who attempt to pay me off platform

I will treat clients homes and personal belongings with the utmost respect, taking care to leave the home in the same condition I found it. If I’ve made the kids tea, I will put the plates in the dishwasher!

I will have as much fun as possible with the children I am looking after (as long as we are not meant to be doing homework!) and will inspire them with a love of learning and a curiosity about the world.

I will share my skills, hobbies and interests with the children I look after. That’s what makes Student Nannies so inspiring!

Student Nannies is independent of all its members’ businesses and although they registered with us and have agreed to abide by our Rights, Rules & Responsibilities we are not a policing organisation and do not accept any liability for them. Your contract is with your chosen Student Nanny and therefore you should make your own reference checks and rely on your own judgment as to their credibility.