How to get your kids interested in photography….

Written by admin

Have you got a budding David Bailey in your house? Minnie is getting really interested in photography at the moment and it’s something we’re really encouraging.
It’s free, it’s creative and it’s easy because you (or your Student Nanny!) usually have a mobile phone with you wherever you are and kids can always find something fun to snap.
Minnie and her friends love taking pictures of their pets (check out Minnie’s selfie with Simba that she got all hi tech and used the timer for!), their siblings, their town, nature, wildlife and documentary style on days out or activities, even just on the way home from school. Magazines ike the Nat Geo Kids often have compeitions they can enter, as do their favourite TV shows. And you can all get involved by having your own little ‘Best Photo’ comps on walks or at weekends.
Yes, your photostream might get a bit clogged up with their work, but you might be surprised at how great some of their snaps are. Above are a few that Minnie, 10, has taken in the past few days and I totally love the one of the cat looking out the window with his reflection in the glass…