How to get two kids up and out of the house in 30 mins in the morning – yes really! #toptip
Posted on 11.02.2020


Introducing the #parentpause – we know that juggling parenthood and career is a struggle and a juggle and it’s always been our mission to make your life easier. So we’ll be sharing tips, hints and hacks to help you win at parenting while saving time and zapping stress.
First up, how to get out of the house in the morning in 30 mins – with two kids…
Over to Lara from Little K Clothing who has this feat down to a fine art, and it’s largely down to ‘the no option breakfast’. We met through the All By Mama network which supports parents who are running a business alongside raising a family (Lara creates the cutest prints for kids, think caterpillars, foxes and pandas) and when she dropped this little nugget about her morning routine on our group WhatsApp chat I had to find out more……

‘I’ve always really valued my sleep so even before I had kids I would only leave myself a very short window of time to get up and out,’ says Lara. ‘And I still do it now with a 5 yro and a two and a half year old and they don’t know any different. I’m really not a very organised person and I have my husband to help me. I am happier to have my breakfast after the school and nursery run but here’s how I do it….

* The children get dressed upstairs and brush their teeth before coming down
* I don’t give them option for breakfast – I just put something I know they like on the table ready – the cereal in the bowl, with the milk with a glass of water.
*They get down from the table, pop on their shoes and coats and we’re out the door in less than 30 mins!

The no options breakfast is definitely something we’re going to try, thanks Lara! #parentpause