Childcare meets tutoring – we can do both or a combination of the two! Covid-19 guidelines

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Whatever your after-school childcare or lockdown learning needs are, we are here to support you. And we think that what most families want right now is flexibility. With some children now back at school , many parents starting to head back to work and the Summer holidays fast approaching we are getting lots of requests from parents seeking childcare help (combined with study buddy support) at their homes.

We just wanted to confirm that booking a nanny is now clearly within the lockdown rules and the government has issued some key guidelines for keeping everyone safe:

  • The Student Nanny shouldn’t use public transport to get to a family – they should either walk, cycle or drive
  • They should wash their hands before leaving their house and when they enter and leave your family home
  • The Student Nanny and your children should avoid touching their faces and avoid face-to-face contact with people they do not live with where possible
  • The Student Nanny shouldn’t work for multiple families – they can one find one family and work for them exclusively (obviously you are free to book on-line learning sessions with as many Student Nannies as you like!)
  • Open windows regularly to keep the house well ventilated

You can find the full government advice here under point 7, Annex A

Meanwhile our Virtual Student Nannies study buddies service is still proving very popular (we’ve nearly hit 800 hours of bookings!) and we’re sure that this will continue to be a useful support for parents and children over the Summer holidays to get build their confidence with core subjects ready for their return to school in September.

If you want us to help you find matches for at-home childcare, send you a shortlist of on line study buddies who have the skills you require or if you want a Student Nanny who can do a bit of both (with a big side order of fun!)  do feel free to call us on 07876 391914 or email

Very best wishes,

The Student Nannies Team