CHECKLIST: questions parents should ask a potential nanny at interview

Written by Tracey Blake

We know that your children are your most precious things, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure our Student Nannies our superb (verifying a university email address, interviewing them and background checking them) but we know that only you can decide who’s the right fit for your family so we advise all our parents to meet and interview potential matches before booking.
Here’s a check list of ten things to ask or talk about:

1. Have the Student Nannies’ profile up on your phone, tablet or lap top and ask them tell you a bit about themselves in their own words – their course, interests and hobbies. Why do they want to be a Student Nanny? What did they love doing when they were kids? Do they share any common interests with your child/children?

2. Ask them to tell you specifically about their babysitting or childcare experience. What ages were the children and what kinds of things did they do with them – school pick up? Fun activities? Homework? Making a simple tea?

3. Are they comfortable with basic first aid for cuts and bruises? At what point would they call you if your child was unwell or had had a bump?

4. Talk about your parenting style – are you relaxed or strict? You want your Student Nanny to support your parenting style at home so make sure you let them know your boundaries on snacks, screen time, length of homework time, TV, what you do if they are rude or play up etc.

5. DBS check – if a Student Nanny has one of these you should ask to see a paper copy and you may want to ask for references.

6. Ask your Student Nanny when they can start and get booking!!!!

If you have any other questions about finding or hiring a Student Nanny then don’t hesitate to contact us at or call 07876 391914