If you would like to close your account for any reason, at any time, simply visit our cancellation page and you will be able to close your account.

If you would like to close your account for any reason, at any time, simply visit our cancellation page and you will be able to close your account.

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  • Student Nannies is fantastic for students!

    It’s so flexible you can easily find jobs that work for you and meet some lovely families.’ Harriet, M1, Manchester Met

  • The girls loved Harriet and so did we!

    ‘I needed a babysitter for my birthday and through Student Nannies we found Harriet to look after our daughters aged 12 and 10 – they loved her and so did we! She immediately connected with our girls by discussing their common interests, she’s very [...]

  • ‘I’m fluent in English and Indonesian and am an avid baker!’

    I am very study oriented, so being around children’s joyful and playful energy makes me happy. I’m already talking to two families! Erin, Kings College London

  • It fits so well with my skills and experience – and my course!

    I really enjoy spending time with children, playing games, teaching them new skills and inspiring their creativity. In the future I want to be a teacher and so working with children and young people is something I see as a long term goal and career.  At the moment [...]

  • Nannying comes naturally to me…

    ‘I love looking after children, it brings out my fun, carefree side!’ Edie, Goldsmiths unviersity, W2

  • It’s the best Summer job!

    ‘The difference between working in cafe and having a job looking after children is vast – it’s so much more fun and fulfiing, I love it!  Lara, studies at University of Sussex, lives in SW2

  • Thanks for developing a platform for students!

    I would just like to say hi and thank you for developing a platform especially for students such as myself, opening immense opportunities and experiences. Once again, much thanks. Naimma, NW8, London

  • Just wanted to say thank you…

    … as I have a new Student Nanny now thanks to you! Have found a lovely UCL student who will be doing Tuesdays going forward and hopefully babysitting too. I literally feel so much more free! Zoe, working mum of two, London, W5

  • I’ve found a wonderful family

    Student Nannies is a great website! A few days after I signed up, Sarah contacted me – she has two amazing daughters and needed some after-school help. I feel lucky and thankful to have found such a wonderful family as them. Moreover, it suits my timetable [...]

  • Thank you Student Nannies for such a wonderful service!

    All I needed was a extra 3 hrs a week childcare. Initially this was such a struggle as most sites want a minimum amount of hrs and if you need less charge a premium for this! My friend told me about Student Nannies, the site is so easy to use , communication was [...]

  • I found a family in a week!

    I’m very happy with the Student Nannies website – I signed up and in a week I was able to find a great family! Nana, Art History student, University of Lisbon

  • Thank you!

    I have found a lovely Student Nanny through your website, thank you!

  • I don’t have to compete with career nannies
    I'm a big fan!

    I absolutely LOVE this idea because I was finding it hard to compete with career nannies despite being smart and hard-working, so it’s great to know that someone has created a niche for people like me. I’m a big fan!

  • Our Student Nanny is a musician
    He plays piano so my son can practice his singing

    We’ve been sooo lucky with our Student Nanny and school pick up helper – he’s called Rocky, studies composing at the Royal College of Music and plays the piano for my 8-year-old son to practise his singing. 

  • We love our French Student Nanny!
    She's a huge part of our lives

    We found Farah through Student Nannies in August 2017 and she’s still a huge part of our lives! My husband and I are both American, and Farah speaks with our 3-year-old daughter in French, and Margot LOVES helping her make crepes. 

  • I’ve found work in 10 days!
    Fast and simple to use

    Just created a VIP membership account and I have been very pleased with the results so far. I have sent messages and think I’ll start a nanny job in maximum 10 days. The platform is great and simple to use.    

All Student Nannies are background checked, interviewed by mums or teachers and insured.