Boost your child’s confidence ahead of the big return to school!
Posted on 29.07.2020

It’s great news that our children will go back to school in September, but with the start of a new academic year coinciding with many children not having been at school for the past six months, the big return may seem a little daunting – for kids and parents alike!

Booking one or two fun, 1-2-1 on-line learning sessions weekly  with a Student Nanny is a great way to combat the ‘Summer Slide’* and boost your child’s confidence and skills in core subjects like maths and English – so they can head back into the classroom feeling positive and ready to take on the new curriculum.

Our top university students offer nurturing, encouraging sessions from £10/hr (try half an hour for each sibling!) and they have a knack for connecting and engaging with children to make learning fun.

Throw in regular playdates with classmates to make sure your kids haven’t forgotten how to socialise with their pals, and they should be all set!


*What is the ‘Summer Slide’?

The ‘Summer slide’ (also known as ‘Summer learning loss’) happens when children don’t use or practise the skills they learnt at school during the long Summer holiday.

It can result in children returning to school at a lower academic level than when they left. And it can take an average of 6 weeks of going back over the old stuff in the autumn term to level up this ‘learning loss’.

Unfortunately school closures due to the covid crisis will make this phenomenon even more marked this year – seeing as many kids haven’t been in a classroom learning environment since March. Experts are already warning that many children won’t catch up from the March school closures until Summer 2021.